Printed Ciruit Board Pretreatment

PROCLEANER EN-2000 Electrolytic Degreasing Powder

– Chelator-free.
– Alkaline electrolytic degreaser for continuous electroplating.
– Suitable for processes which require little foam and strong agitation.
– High electrical conductivity.
– Can effectively remove oil and lubricant.
– Short contacting time; high production efficiency.
– Long bath life.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3073 Acid Degreasing Agent

-Designed for the removal of moderate grease, oxidizing particles, fingerprint and chemical residues on circuit board surface.
– Easy to use and thus extend the life of the acid copper solution.
– Suitable for immersion or electrolytic process.
– Wide operating range; easy to control.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3077/3086 Alkaline Degreasing Agent/Conditioner

– Specially designed for activating or cleaning circuit board before electroless copper plating process.
– Can effectively remove the grease and oxidizing particles on circuit board and hence enhance the adhesion power of palladium during activation and facilitate the subsequent electroless copper plating process.
– Phosphorus-free; easy for wastewater treatment.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3069 Sweller

– Alkaline sweller; suitable for desmearing process of multilayered circuit board.
– Use with CIRCUM-BRITE TM 3067 to enforce the roughness of drilling holes for better adhesive power of electroless copper.
– Chelator-free; easy wastewater treatment.
– Suitable for different materials such as epoxy, polyamide and other resin.
– Enhance the desmearing efficency and thus shorten the operating time.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3065 Neutralizer

– Neutralize the residue of potassium permanganate and manganese dioxide on the circuit board.
– Free of hydrazine, superoxide and oxides; easy wastewater treatment.
– Able to stablize the copper content and thus prolong the bath life.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3059 Pre-dip Activator

– Able to provide fine colloid palladium to cover a uniform layer on the non-conductive surface.
– Possess good stability, high reliability and strong activation, long lifespan and low acidity.
– Can lower the corrosion of inner copper layer and black oxide layer and increase the adhesive power of holes.
– Use CIRCUM-BRITE TM 3060 before activating process for a better absorption of CIRCUM-BRITE TM 3059, protect the activator from harm and maintain its chemical balance.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3068 Booster

-Able to boost the palladium activation between substrate and fiberglass and thus maintain the intactness of electroless copper.
– Alkaline-based and hence will not affect the inner layer of copper oxide.
– No excessive amount of palladium will be discharged and thus better the deposition power on fiberglass.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ 3018 Antioxidant

– Able to provide a temporary anti-oxidation coating on electroless copper surface and copper plated surface.
– Strenghthen the adhesive power between the copper surface and the dry film.