Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating Process

CIRCUM BRITE™ ENIG-805 Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)Plating Process Series

– CIRCUM-BRITE™ 801 is a kind of citric acid type cleaner which designed for the circuit board of finer lines, small via holes and high circuitry density (especially known as HDI PCB). – It will not cause any harm to the sold mask and image dry film of PCB. It can remove the oxidants on copper surface and thus can effectively clean and activate the copper surface.
– CIRCUM-BRITE™ 802 is a micro-etching agent with relatively stable fretting corrosion rate that ensure comprehensive removal of oxides on the foil surface.
– CIRCUM-BRITE™ 804 is a new and highly effective palladium sulfate activator. It is able to displace a palladium layer evenly on the copper surface to solve the common problems such as, rapid increase of copper ions in activator bath, bridging diffusion coating, and skip plating leading to spot copper exposure, color difference and oxidation.
– CIRCUM-BRITE™ 805 is a highly stable process which goods at initiating plating process.  The phosphorus content of the plating layer is stable with tight crystallization, good anti-corrosion ability, low internal tension and good appearance. It can fulfill various requirements such as good solderability, low surface resistivity and good wire bonding performance which are beneficial to automatic production.
– CIRCUM-BRITE™ 806 is designed for encapsulation of SMT and chip.

CIRCUM BRITE™ ENIG-805FX Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating Process for Flexible Board

– Specially designed for ENIG plating process on flexible board.
– Stable bath, less dummy plating needed.
– Possess excellent dispersility, good levelling power, excellent ductility and low bath load.
– Stable deposition rate and easy bath maintenance.
– Also suitable for rigid board.
– Stable phosphorus content (7-10 wt%).
– Free of black nickel after ENIG plating process.