Circuit Board Copper Surface Treatment (OSP – Organic Solderability Preservative)

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-1000 Metal Copper Surface Activator and Degreasing Agent

– Acid liquid diluted with DI water to activate and remove grease from copper surface.
– Suitable for spraying and dipping.
– No residue will be left on the copper surface and thus no ionic contamination would be incurred.
– Compatible with disposable soldering system.
– Simple composition; easy for cleaning.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-2000 Micro-etching Process for Copper Surface

– Powder material which will form a non-complexing etching working solution after mixing with water and sulfuric acid.
– Able to initiate a micro-etching reaction on both copper and copper alloy.
– Create a bright, clean and even etching effect on copper surface.
– Excellent micro-etching depth and solderability on tin/lead soldering.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-3500 Pre-coating Treatment Process

– Organic coating process; able to form an even copper surface to ensure a smooth and solderable OSP coating.
– Use with OSP-4000, OSP-1000 (or OSP-2000 or OSP 6000) would help to form an even deposit with good solderability.
– Suitable for horizontal spraying process and vertical dipping process.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-4000A Copper Surface OSP Process

– Can be an alternative to hot air solder level (HASL) process and other surface finishing processes.
– Able to form an organic protective layer on the copper surface and in the microvia to enhance the surface smoothness and its anti-oxidation performance.
– Maintain the solderability of copper surface even after multiple surface plating and through-hole wave soldering processes.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-4000B Circuit Board Copper Surface Protector

– Use with CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-3000 to form a firm and smooth protective film on copper surface and the wall of PTH,
– The film can avoid the oxidation of copper and maintain the original color of the deposit.
– Use with OSP-1000, OSP-2000 and OSP-3500 to maintain the solderability of copper surface even after multiple surface plating at hot air solder level (HASL)
– Best use with horizontal spraying process to maintain its excellent stability and solderability.

CIRCUM-BRITE™ OSP-5000 High Temperature Lead-free OSP Process

– Applicable to printed circuit board; able to form a solid and smooth protective film on pads or surface with holes.
– Help to maintain high solderability in lead-free multiple SMT solder reflow circulation.
– Lead-free; high compatibility and thus cause no contamination to aurum surface.