Functional Wear Resistant Hard Chrome Plating Process


PALDO™ V Hard Chrome Plating Process for Rotogravure Cylinders

– Fluoride-free (no anode etching).
– Microcrack deposit effectively enhances the anti-tarnish ability.
– Excellent adhesive ability and good dispersibility.
– Great hardness (950-1,100 HV).
– High cathode current efficiency, can reach 23-26%.
– Form a smooth, fine and bright deposit.
– No special pretreatment and equipment (anode and tank) is needed, can be used at all general chromium plating process.
Specially designed for rotogravure field.

PALDO™ F Bright Hard Chrome Plating Process

– Fluoride-free (no anode etching).
– High deposit efficiency, save 45% energy.
– Excellent corrosion resistance, good throwing power and dispersibility.
– Able to form a bright deposit with great hardness of 950-1100 HV.
– The etching performance on steel is comparable to conventional electrolytes.
– Recycling and regeneration are possible.
– Microcracked deposition can be up to 400 crack/cm2.
– Easy operation; appliable to general chromium plating processes and rotogravure field.