Tools for Post-silver plating

SILVERMAX™ Anti-displacement Agent for Silver

– An optional process before Silver plating to avoid the peeling of silver layer during replacement process.
– Widely use in pre-coppered IC tabs.

SILVERMAX™ AGS Water-soluble Anti-tarnish Silver Protector

– Specially designed for silver or silver deposit.
– Able to form a non-toxic and non-irritative coating.
– Suitable for jewelery, accessories and utensils with flat surface or in tube-shape.
– Very low contact resistance and thus ideal for electric connector.

SILVERMAX™ 100 Silver Stripping Process

– Cyanide-free; able to strip off silver on copper or copper alloy without harming the substrate.
– Rapid stripping and have a long lifespan.
– Excellent stability; easy wastewater treatment.