Nickel Plating Process

DUCTILE-NI R-HT High Temperature Nickel Plating Process (Pre-tin Plating)

– Able to form a semi-bright nickel deposit with good ductility which can be the bottom layer of tin deposit for electronics and mechanical hardware.
– Able to prevent tin deposit from discoloration.
– Excellent solderability and thus able to satisfy the requirements of electronic devices production.

DUCTILE MP-200H Low Stress High Speed Sulfamate-type Nickel Plating Process

– Able to form a semi-bright nickel deposit with low stress and great ductility.
– Suitable for being the base of non-precious metal platings and precious metal platings such as gold, palladium, rhodium, and silver.
– Especially applicable to the high speed electroplating apparatuses of soluble anode system.

NALDO™ CLK Bright Nickel (Barrel) Plating Process

– Able to form a brighter and whiter deposit than general nickel rack plating processes.
– Wide composition range; applicable to standard sulfate bath or bath with high chloride content.
– Excellent physical properties; low stress; good ductility.
– Even thickness; rapid levelling and brightening.
– Easy to control, rust sposts will not easily formed on deposits.