Aurum Plating Process

AUOLLY™ AC Acid Hard Aurum Plating Process

– Contain Cobalt.
– Excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding ductility and good solderabilty; suitable for circuit board printing and plug-in connectors.
– Suitable for rack plating, barrel plating and optional plating.

AUOLLY™ HP800 High Purity Aurum Plating Process for Electronic Components

– A neutral aurum plating process specially designed for transistor; also suitable for IC board and semiconductors.
– The purity can reach 99.99%; good solderability with fine-grained and stable structure.
– Great anti-corrosion and anti-discoloration ability; the interface contact resistance is only 0.3mΩ.
– Suitable for both rack and barrel plating.

AUOLLY™ AHD High Speed Aurum Plating Process

– Suitable for various kinds of selective plating systems.
– Able to form a deposit with great mechanical, physical and chemical properties and thus satisfy the needs of electron and electronic industries.
– Able to operate under high current density and have a good plating rate, which offer a very good throwing power.
– Good dispersibility; excellent abrasion resistance with hardness of 170-180HV and contact resistance of 0.6 mΩ.