Trivalent Chromium Plating Process (Sulfate-based)

CHROMO-TRI™ ES Trivalent Chromium White Plating Process (Sulfate-based)

– Free of hexavalent chromium, which is a carcinogen, and thus enhance the safety of operation.
– Low metal concentration, simple wastewater treatment.
– Excellent covering and throwing power.
– High capability of current flow and thus minimize the power consumption.
– High tolerance to metal impurities; ion-exchange is unnecessary for removing the impurities and therefore reduce the operating cost.

CHROMO-TRI™ S Trivalent Chromium White Plating Process (Sulfate-based)

– Environmentally-friendly; free of hexavalent chromium and thus simplify the wastewater treatment.
– Able to form a whiter and brighter deopsit than hexavalent chromium plating.
– Can fulfill the friction coefficient requirements of conventional or nickel plating system.
– Able to form a deposit with uniform color layer, attractive appearance and excellent covering and levelling power.
– Faster deposition rate and wider operating application than hexavalent chromium plating.
– High tolerence to current interruption; excellent anti-corrosion ability.

CHROMO-TRI™ B Trivalent Chromium Black Plating Process (Sulfate-based)

– Able to form an attractive bright black decorative deposit.
– Applicable to general chromium plating on nickel deposit.
– Possess all the advantages of trivalent chromium plating process.