Trivalent Chromium Plating Process (Chloride-based)

CHROMO-TRI™ V Trivalent Chromium White Plating Process (Chloride-based)

– Environmentally-friendly; free of hexavalent chromium and thus simplify the wastewater treatment.
– Excellent covering and levelling power; complete absence of “burning” at high current density area.
– Designed for both decorative and haze-free micro discontinuous deposits.
– Able to form a well-distributed and even deposit across wide current density range.
– Simplify the rack design.
– Great tolerance to current interruption, sulfate and chloride drag-in; have a faster deposition rate than hexavalent chromium plating.
– Better evaporation and thus reduce the operating cost.
– Anodes will last indefinitely.

CHROMO-TRI™ VB Trivalent Chromium Black Plating Process (Chloride-based)

– Environmentally-friendly; comply with the RoHS standard.
– Able to form a deposit with attractive black appearance, great hardness, excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
– The metallic chromium is derived from the trivalent chromium compounds.
– Low metallic chromium content.
– Free of hexavalent Chromium; simple wastewater treatment.
– Outstanding results in neutral salt spray test, artificial sweat test and abrasion resistance test etc.