Decorative Silver Plating Process

SILVERMAX™ HS-3 Bright Silver Plating Process

– Able to form a bright silver deposit within high current density range; applicable to decorative plating.
– Have a better corrosion resistance ability comparing with the one of Rohm and Haas.
Colorless bath and thus have an easier supervision over the plating process.

SILVERMAX™ Mirror Bright Hard Silver Plating Process

– Able to form a bright and mirror-like deposit without polishing.
– Highly stable additive system; good anti-tarnish performance.
– Possess a better hardness than pure silver deposit (100-110 VPN).
– Able to operate at a wide current density range (1.0-2.5 A/dm2).
– Organic additives, suitable for decorative label, utensils, functional antenna and electronics parts.
– Brightener does not decompose harmful materials.
– Reduce operating cost up to 60%.
– Pure silver deposit and thus no color change after high temperature baking (180 °C).

SILVERMAX™ S Concentrated Bright Silver Plating Process

– Able to form an extremely thin, bright and mirror-like deposit.
– Excellent ductility and high metal pureness.
– Good anti-tarnish performance and excellent discoloration resistance; cause no harm to the solderability of deposits.
– Good conductivity and low contact resistance.
– Wide brightness area and thus can able to acheive the desired brightness even at low current density area.
– Suitable for both rack and barrel plating.
– Able to operate under 5 g/L silver salt concentration.

SILVERMAX™ AGS Water-soluble Anti-tarnish Silver Protector

– Water-soluble anti-oxidizing agent.
– Specially designed for silver or silver deposit.
– Excellent anti-oxidation ability.
– Able to form a non-toxic and non-irritative protective coating on the surfaces.
– Applicable to jewelery, accessories and utensils with flat surface or in tube-shape.
– Very low contact resistance and thus ideal for the application of electric connector.