Acid Bright Zinc Plating Process

ZINKO™ AZ-63 Acid Bright Zinc Plating Process

– Wide current density range, able to achieve full brightness.
– Rapid deposition rate, plating time is shortened and thus production capacity could be increased to 150% or above.
– Stable solution; easy to control.
– Cyanide free.
– No effect on brightness under working temperature up to 45oC.

ZINKO™ AZ-88 Acid Bright Zinc Plating Process

– Newest, extremely bright and ductile chloride zinc system for rack and barrel plating.
– Compatible with potassium-free bath, HCL and NH4Cl mixed bath and ammonia-free bath.
– Water-soluble brightener: promote better rinsing, eliminate oiling, and improve iron removal performance.
– Excellent tolerance to high temperature operation, reduce solution growth and cooling cost.
– Low organic content, provide a low stress and ductile deposit.
-Applicable to wide range of operation conditions; excellent high current density performance.
– Excellent plate distribution and thus less wasted zinc metal.