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Plastic Plating Process

Winstar provides one-stop services of plastic plating process from pre-treatment to different plating processes, with 3 carrier materials: Polyamide-PA, ABS and ABS/PC in order to fulfill the requirements of different industries. We also provide nickel-free plastic plating process to keep pace with society’s needs.

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Decorative Plating Process

Winstar provides all-rounded decorative plating processes with different metals to suit products’ needs and to make them as attractive as they can. As the pioneer in decorative plating process, Winstar tops the rank in the surface finishing industry with high reputation ÜBER-BRITE™ Bright Acid Copper plating process.

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Anti-Corrosion Plating Process

Other than providing numerous types of zinc plating process for traditional anti-corrosion plating process, Winstar also provides a brand new coating system, ZICOLLUM™, renowned for corrosion resistance. We are the only supplier who provides both water-based and solvent-based Zinc & Aluminum Coating system in the world, creating infinite possibilities for different industries with providing high standard of corrosion resistance coating system.

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Functional Wear Resistant Plating Process

Winstar provides tailor-made functional wear resistant processes for different products in order to increase their durability, including nickel plating process, hard copper plating process and high chrome plating process, which can reach the requirements of automotive and publishing industries.

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Functional Electronics

Winstar provides different types of metal plating for electronics, including gold, silver, nickel and copper. The plating processes are specialized for connectors, IC lead frame, print circuit board and LED lamp and microwave. These metal-plated electronics perform well when working in different parts of the mechanism with their high wear-resistance and conductivity.

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Printed Circuit Board

To keep pace with the development and fulfill different requirements of the PCB industry, Winstar is devoted to invent different plating processes, including copper, tin, electroless nickel immersion gold process and high speed silver plating process.

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