Media Coverage: Fastening Journal & Network (Japan, 2010/12/07)

Press staff from one of the leading media in the Japanese fastener industry “The Fastening Journal” visited our booth during the Business Match Expo 2010 (a.k.a Yao City Industrial Expo) in this October and was impressed by our ZICOLLUMTM coating system. An article is carried in their latest nation-wide publication “Fastening Journal & Network” released on 7thDecember as below:
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Business Match Expo 2010 (Yao City Industrial Expo), Japan

14 – 15 October 2010

Business Match Expo, as known as Yao City Industrial Expo, is one of the biggest tradeshows in Japan which has been held since 2006. It aims to allow exhibitors and visitors to discover new business opportunities, expand markets and networks as well as promote cooperation between different industries.

We are honored to have participated in the exhibition and achieved success. During the exhibition, we focused on introducing our outstanding product series – ZICOLLUMTM high anti-corrosion chromium free zinc & aluminum coating system.

More than 150 local companies have visited our booth at the show, among which a number of companies own offices in China. The show was a fruitful experience as it provided us a good chance to exchange industry news and to enhance the promotion of our products in both Japan and China

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SFCHINA 2010 in Guangzhou, China

27 – 29 September 2010

SFCHINA 2010 in Guangzhou, China

Thanks to the kindest support of our honorable guests, we are proud to announce success at the global event for the surface finishing industry – SFCHINA 2010 held at the Guangzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center (GICEC).

In the tradeshow, we presented the following highlighted product series:

  • Moulded Interconnect Device (MID) Plating Series
  • Nickel-Free ABS Plating Series specialized for mobile phone industry
  • ZICOLLUMTM Chromium-Free Zinc & Aluminum Coating System
  • ZINKOTM High Anti-Corrosion Series
  • CHROMO-TRITM Chromium Plating Series specialized for Automotives and 3C Parts Industries
  • Electronics Plating Series
  • Decorative Plating Series

In the „New-tech Corner“ section during the exhibition, our Managing Director, Mr. Nicholas Chang gave a presentation with topic “New Development in Anti-Corrosion Plating Process for Environmental Friendly Clean Production – Tetra-Coat (Nano) System”. Through the presentation, Mr. Chang shared information about our green technology in plating and coating processes with excellent corrosion resistance performance.


The show was a fruitful experience and it provided us a good chance to meet our prestigious guests and new potential business partners from different parts of the world.

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The 6th Dongguan International Exhibition on Electro-plating & Surface Finishing

17-20 March 2010
Organized by Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association, the DSF — Dongguan International Exhibition on Electro-plating and Surface Finishing has been one of the highly recognized events in South China. There were about 300 exhibitors participating in the exhibition; the total display area amounts to 12,000 square meters, and the number of booths surpassing 700. For more details, please visit:

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Winstar awarded by “Material Protection” Journal the “Top Ten Supplier”

The leading journal “Material Protection” has its 50th anniversary this year and thus specially held the “5 10s”Award Ceremony on 24th April at the International Convention Center of Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, to present full affirmation and recognition to outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in the industry concerning their achievements and contributions. A group of more than 120 guests, which consists of leaders, academicians, experts and entrepreneurs at all levels, attended the ceremony. In the ceremony, Winstar received the award of “Top Ten Supplier”.

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Winstar awarded Top Ten (foreign and regional brands) of electroplating industry in the year 2009

The HC surface finishing network organized the 2010 China Electroplating Industry Summit Forum with the topic “Innovation, Development, Responsibility, Influence” together with the 4th Top Ten Electroplating Awards Ceremony plating on April 22 at Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai was held. A total of more than 200 experts in the industry from local and overseas attended the grand ceremony. Winstar has been continuously receiving our 4th consecutive award of the “Top Ten (foreign and regional brands) of electroplating industry” in the year 2009.


Technical Seminar organized by Winstar Chemicals and HKMFS

A technical seminar co-organized by Winstar Chemicals and Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society was successfully held in Dongguan China, which Mr. Nicholas Chang (Managing Director of Winstar Chemicals) as the lecturer. The seminar focused on (1) Green production of 3C Parts & Mobile Phone industries, (2) Chromium-Free Corrosion Resistance Coating & Sealer System. Process theory, practical plating technology, up-to-date standards from manufacturers were all presented in details to keep up with the pace of latest environmental trends and regulations.

We would like to thank all our honorable guests from coming and their active participation in Q & A section. Indeed, it was a valuable and helpful event to exchange our technological advancements in the plating industry.

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Korean Delegates to Shanghai Winstar for Business Conference

21 November 2009
Korean Delegates to Shanghai Winstar for Business Conference

Following the successful completion of SFCHINA2009 at Shanghai, we were greatly honored to invite influential Korean representatives from automotive, mobile phone, chemical and surface finishing industries to our Shanghai office for meeting and touring. Touring at our Shanghai office, factory plant and newly completed Phase II Research & Development centre were arranged.

The business conference was held, which the Korean representatives were impressed with our guaranteed product quality and technology advancement. Latest information and development of surface finishing in Hong Kong, China and Korea were exchanged for mutual understanding and benefits.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our honorable guests for coming and hope to meet them in the near future for closer cooperation.

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SFCHINA2009 at Shanghai

18-20 November 2009
SFCHINA2009 at Shanghai

With the kindest support and presence of our honorable guests to our booth, we were able to run the booth successfully. During the exhibition, excellent products’ quality and new innovative technology were demonstrated to all guests.

Our Managing Director Mr. Nicholas Chang gave a presentation featuring “Save Our Planet – Chromium-Free Passivation & Sealer Enters the Green Era of Surface Finishing”. The presentation explored our technology advancement in clean production of Chromium-Free Passivation and Sealer, and its connection with environmental protection.

Through the exhibition, new potential and prestigious guests both from China and overseas were gathered, whom we exchanged the latest information and technology. It was such a beneficial experience that we look forward to seeing all guests soon for possible cooperation.

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Korea Exchange Tour organized by Winstar Chemicals and HKEPMA

20-25 October 2009

The tour was jointly organized by Hong Kong Electroplating Merchants Association and Winstar Chemicals, for the aim of exchanging skills between China and Korea through exploring the up-to-date development of the surface finishing industry in Korea.

The tour visited various large-scale manufactures respectively located at Busan, Incheon, Ansan and Siwah, with their business focusing on the surface finishing of the automotive industry, mobile phone industry, electronics industry, etc. In the meanwhile, we are honored to meet with the Korea Plating Industry Cooperative to discuss the development trends in China, Hong Kong and Korea; and exchange the up-to-date technologies and skills in our industry.

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