About Winstar



Winstar Chemicals was founded in 1960s with headquarter located in Hong Kong. Throughout these years, the accumulation of experience with extensive professional knowledge and technology has turned Winstar into one of the leading suppliers in the surface finishing industry.

To fulfill the needs of our customers, we provide one-stop service which includes offering comprehensive chemical technology service, relevant equipment and after-sales service with technical supports. We continue to work on technology development in order to provide our customers with reliable and quality products. Most of our valuable customers are distributors of electroplating materials and factories of electroplating from China and Southeast Asia.

Winstar Chemicals (Shanghai) is our main operation center in China. The total investment reached USD 20 million with a total annual production capacity of 3000 tons products. Winstar Chemicals (Shanghai) is divided into three phases. Phase 1 is the main office, application and R&D laboratory, manufacturing site and warehouses. Phase 2 is an electroplating zone for our cooperation projects with partners.

Wastewater treatment center is also placed here to handle all wastewater produced. Phase 3 is reserved for any potential joint-venture partnership projects.

Our business covers R&D, production and sales. Products include electroplating additives, coating materials, cleaners and electroplating equipments. We also provide one-stop service include project solution consulting service and after-sales technical support.

Processes include: pretreatment, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating and precious metal plating such as gold, silver, palladium and tin. These plating processes include electroplating and electroless plating processes. Zinc electroplating and zinc alloys passivation and sealing processes are also provided. Other special processes could be provided upon customers’ request.

Major applications and customers: electronics industry, automotive industry, sanitary wares, architecture fasteners, jewelry, computer parts, printing tools, etc.