Congratulations to Mr. Chang Chi Hang, Nicholas of being elected as the Chairman of Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society in 2019-2021

The Chinese New Year Banquet of Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society (HKSFS) and the 2019-2021 Chairman Election had been successfully held on 4th March in Scout Association of Hong Kong. With the full supports from members, Mr. Chang Chi Hang Nicholas, the Managing Director of Winstar Chemicals, has been elected as the new chairman of HKSFS.


Members gathered and shared the joy together. Mr. Nicholas Chang sincerely gave thanks to the support from members. He expressed his willingness to lead HKSFS to cooperate with local and other overseas associations related to surface finishing industry for more technical conferences and overseas exchanges in the coming years. He would also take the responsibility to help organize the preliminary work Interfinish World Congress in 2024, which is the first time being held in Hong Kong. He hopes that the technical experience and knowledge exchanges can keep the industry flourishing.


Mr. Chang Chi Hang Nicholas was first a Board of Member of the HKSFS in 2009. He became the Secretary-general in 2011-2015. In 2015, he was elected to be the Vice-chairman and has been handling society affairs and providing technical advice since then. Currently, he is also the Executive Board of Member in CSEA and the Vice Secretary General of Science & Technology Committee in CSEA, actively participating in different local and overseas exchanges.



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