Winstar Chemicals visited Surface Engineering Association (SEA) in the UK with China Surface Engineering Association (CSEA)

Frequent interaction between national associations is beneficial to the development of surface finishing industry. Winstar Chemicals Managing Director Nicholas Chang, also the CSEA Science & Technology Committee member joined the delegation led by Professor Lin An, the Vice President of CSEA, the officer of Science & Technology Committee and the Vice President of International Union of Surface Finishing (IUSF), to visit Surface Engineering Association located in Birmingham, the UK on 8th June (local time in London).


During the visit, it is delegation’s pleasure to be welcomed by SEA Business Development and Membership Manager Michaella Mais, the history and development progress of SEA were introduced. At the same time, as the representative of CSEA and IUSF, Professor Lin also introduced CSEA and invited SEA to visit Shanghai for the ProSF International Surface Finishing Exhibition 2018 and APAC Interfinish 2018.


The United Kingdom is one of the founders of IUSF. SEA, being established for more than a century, is a non-profit organization for representing more than 200 surface finishing members in different industry nowadays, which has been contributing to the surface finishing development for years.


The CSEA delegation was pictured with SEA Business Development and Membership Manager Michaella Mais.


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