SFM 2018 special news: Winstar gave a presentation in conference during SFM 2018 in Mexico

Winstar is always delighted to share experience and technologies with fellows in the industry. This time, Winstar was invited by AMAS to give a presentation in the conference during exhibition on 20th March, namely “Environmentally-friendly technology: Chromium-free Zinc & Aluminum Nano Coating System”.


“Know How, Can Do.” is Winstar’s vision. Winstar dedicates to help solve problems of industries by providing professional surface finishing solutions. Corrosion resistance is a big topic for many industries. Every year, the cost of corrosion consumes a large part of global GDP. Therefore, Winstar has invented a new coating technology providing outstanding corrosion resistance ability, ZICOLLUM™.


This coating system can provide 3-4μm thickness of layer, which is only half of the normal coating thickness. The more the layers of coating are applied, the higher the corrosion resistance ability. For example, 8-10μm of coating can pass 240-2,000 hours of NSS test and 14-19μm of coating can even pass 14,400 hours of NSS test.


It is Winstar’s pleasure to share our technology with experts from Mexico and other countries. Learning from experience is the pursue for improvement and success. Winstar will keep sharing different surface finishing processes to facilitate the development of industry.

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