Let’s give a round of applause to SFM 2018

SFM 2018, organized by AMAS in Mexico, has successfully come to an end on 21st March. It is our pleasure to be one of the exhibitors sharing advanced technologies to the fellows.


As a new member of AMAS, it is our first time extending our business into Central America market. During the exhibition, we are delighted to receive the support from the Vice President & Secretary General of CESA, Mr. Ma Jie. We showed our latest surface finishing processes, including ZICOLLUM™ Chromium-free Zinc and Aluminum Coating System, CHROMO-TRI™ Trivalent Chromium Plating Process and ZINKO™ E-Coat Low Temperature Nano Electrophoresis to visitors. We also share the updates of the industry with Mr. Abelardo, the President of AMAS, which successfully leads to the chance of official experience exchange and business cooperation.


Winstar dedicates to promote our professional and advanced technologies around the world to benefit the society. We hope to strike for a better future of the industry through learning and sharing in more overseas conferences.


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