Winstar joined the Japan Functional Coating Exhibition with business partners

Winstar always actively explores the global market and promotes local developed technologies to other countries. Recently, Winstar and our business partners in Japan showcased our latest products in the Japan Functional Coating Exhibition held on 5th December in Osaka.


It is one of the biggest coating exhibitions in West Japan. This year, nearly 165 exhibitors participated in different areas, such as dry finishing process, wet finishing process, coating, etc. Winstar’s three latest products, the main focuses in this exhibition, are as follows.


  • ZINKO™ E-Coat, Low Temperature Nano Electrophoresis

Low curing temperature (110°C-140°C) of the process can greatly reduce the restriction caused by substrates. With outstanding hardness and functional ability, it has already passes several functional tests in Japan. Besides, wide varieties of colors can be provided to fulfill different needs of customers and enable it to be applied in decorative and functional industries.


  • ZICOLLUM™, Chromium-free Zinc & Aluminum Coating System

This system is one of the most popular processes of Winstar. With its easy application, the coating can pass 240-14,400 hours of NSS test which has impressed most of the customers. At the same time, ZICOLLUM™ coated tapping screws has got the HOWTEC certificate and met the JIS H 8610 standard, which is recognized to be used for CLT in Japan.


  • CHROMO-TRI™, Trivalent Chromium Plating Series

Winstar has actively adjusted CHROMO-TRI™ Trivalent Chromium so as to fulfill the needs of industry. Now, Winstar keeps challenging the value of ‘L’, ‘a’ and ‘b’ of Trivalent Black Chromium so as to enlarge the application scopes for customers.


Joining overseas exhibitions and conferences is one of the best ways to interact with the fellow competitors. Not only to keep our competitiveness, to promote industrial growth can also be achieved during these activities.




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