Love and care: Winstar Supports HK Social Enterprise with ‘Hong Kong Product’

Other than caring the customer’s need, Winstar has always been sharing the responsibility of serving the community. To support the development of Hong Kong social enterprises, Winstar recently has been cooperated with CarWash.HK, a car beauty center which always cooperates with different NGOs and social enterprises, and launched a collaboration project.

Our product, AUTOLLUM™ ULTRA Nano Protective Coating, is the soul of the whole project. Through offering the product at a comparatively low price, we hope that this could provide more product choices for CarWash.HK to retain their competitiveness in the industry, so as to support the continuity of the cooperation between CarWash.HK and local social enterprises. At the same time, increasing the popularity of the use of surface finishing products and enlarging the market of surface finishing industry in Hong Kong are also our ambitions.

Winstar would keep on shouldering corporate social responsibility by joining hands with different local organizations and contributing to the society. Winstar also welcomes different partners to build up collaboration projects. If any enquiries or interests, please email to

Product of Hong Kong: AUTOLLUM™ ULTRA Nano Protective Coating

AUTOLLUM™ ULTRA Nano Protective Coating provides outstanding and long-lasting hydrophobic performance. Grease, dust and common dirt on the car surface can be easily washed away from the protected surface. The smooth and glossy effect can last for two years with proper care. Quick drying and easy application save time from waiting and operation.

About CarWash.HK

CarWash.HK provides door-to-door car washing services. It cooperates with NGOs and social enterprises and provides car washing courses for the retirees and housewife. After finishing the course, they will be the members of the car washing team and provides professional services for the clients. This helps create employment opportunities and increase the labor force of the society. Other than the car washing, there are also different kind of services including car polishing and coating. These services will be provided by professional technicians.

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