Granted membership in China Surface Engineering Association

The China Surface Engineering Association (CSEA) has appointed Winstar Chemicals Co. Ltd. as the member of the board of director. It is our great pleasure to contribute to the industry.

Mr. Nicholas Chang, the Managing Director of Winstar Chemicals Co. Ltd., sincerely thanked for the commission. ‘Winstar always keeps pace with the latest trend of the sector. Developing new technology and facilitating the cleaner production are our priorities. We sincerely give thanks to the support and assurance from the CSEA,’ said Mr. Chang.

For the sake of industrial sustainability, Winstar, being the member of the board of director of CSEA, will take the responsibilities to participate in development planning and regulations implementation for the industry.

About CSEA

CSEA aims at being the bridge between the government and the industry. The duties include reflecting needs of the industry; giving advice to industrial development and legislation; and participating in investigation and implementation of macro-regulations and industrial policies. It is also the designated organization to promote certification systems such as enterprise qualification, new technologies and new products identification.Trade fairs and exhibitions are also held regularly to open up new markets for more opportunities.

About Winstar Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Winstar is active in industrial activities. We join regional, national and international associations such as Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society, Hong Kong Electro-plating Merchants Association, Shanghai Electroplating Association, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Printed Circuit Association and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International etc.

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