The 27th SFCHINA – Guangzhou, China


3rd-5th December 2014

The 27th SFCHINA

The 27th SFCHINA successfully completed. The annual SFCHINA was held in Guangzhou in 2014. Winstar is glad to have you supporting us.

SFCHINA attracts surface finishing experts from all around the world every year. People in the industry can gather and interact during the exhibition. Winstar is so proud to participate in the exhibition and introduce our products to you all.

On the first day of the exhibition, we were invited to give a technical seminar, Mr. Hisanori Takura, our Business Development Manager from Japan, had shared to the fellows about the development and success of our Chromium-free Zinc & Aluminum Coating system ZICOLLUM™ in Japan. During Q&A section, it is encouraging that audiences showed their interest to our products.

On the other hand, we also carried out introduction of our highlighted product series – AUTOLLUM™, Anti-dirt Nano Coating, which we cooperate with Zanecoat. It attracted audiences with its anti-dirt and easy-cleaning properties.

Other exhibits including CHROMO-TRI™ Chromium Plating, Plastic Plating Series, ÜBER-BRITE™ Series, Moulded Interconnect Device (MID) Plating Process and Electronics Plating Process also attracted people’s attention. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to your support.

The 27th SFCHINA completed successfully. Thank you for your recognition to us. The next SFCHINA will be held in Shanghai, details will be published later.

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