CIAPE 2014 in Shanghai, China


During 19 – 21 Oct 2014, the China International Auto Products EXPO was held at National Exhibition and Conference Centre (Shanghai). We are honored to be invited by the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI) to participate in FITMI EXPO 2014 there.
Our booth was set at the Technical Equipment Section. Our mission is to provide quality products for the automotive industry. While meeting their high demand for performance and appearance, we also make great effort on environmental protection.
ZICOLLUM™, our green technology, is a Zinc & Aluminum Coating system consists of NO Chromium and NO toxic metals. The uses of toxic and harmful solvents are also NOT included. The whole production process of ZICOLLUM™ meets the environmental protection principle, which makes it the best replacement of Dacromet coating today.
AUTOLLUM™ Nano Coating provides outstanding hydrophobic property which protects the car body from sticking grease and dust. Just clean water and a towel are needed to remove any dirt on it. Transparent appearance allows it to be applied on any color of car paint to provide bright surface. There are other similar products in the market with only six-month validity while AUTOLLUM™ can last for 5 years. It makes AUTOLLUM™ a good choice for long lasting appearance and good performance for cars. AUTOLLUM™ is different from the others.
Winstar always makes effort on green coatings development that our products are internationally recognized. Besides, we have never neglected the most important element in the industry – performance. Our good reputation comes from the guarantee of quality products.

The exhibition in Shanghai brought us a good opportunity to meet more customers. It lets us know more about the needs of them. We are now working according to our customers’ needs so as to tailor make excellent products for them. It truly realizes our service goal that “Customer oriented. Quality oriented. Integrity oriented.”

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