ZICOLLUM Coating System got product approval certification from Japan Residential Wood Technology Center (HOWTEC)


RIKA Industries Co. Ltd., our Japanese business partner, successfully got the product approval certifications from Japan Residential Wood Technology Center (HOWTEC) for our products, ZICOLLUMGMT-320 and ZICOLLUMSEALER, on 1st April, 2014.

Being a replacement for Dacromet coating (Zinc & Chromium coating ), ZICOLLUM™ coating has the advantages of Dacromet coating; at the same time, ZICOLLUM™ coating can also meet the goal of environmental protection by complying with the strict laws (like ROHS、EOLVD and WEEE) made by different countries as well as satisfy the performance pursuit by various industries.

ZICOLLUMcoatings are free of any form of Chromium (neither Hexavalent nor Trivalent) and toxic metals like Nickel, Lead, Barium and Mercury. Considered to be an environmentally friendly waterborne coating, no toxic or harmful solvent is used. It in fact finishes the whole clean process from raw material procurement, coating manufacturing process to product processing application.

The recognition from HOWTEC is a high degree of affirmation to the quality control and professional technology of Winstar Chemicals Co. Ltd. It assures our reliability and authority with an international validation. Recognition from HOWTEC also helps Japanese customers enhance confidence to our products. It also proves that our company successfully made a breakthrough to get into the international market by exploring a green path.

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