Media Interview: The Business & Technology Daily News (Japan, 27/03/2014)


The Business & Technology Daily News, a Japanese newspaper, posted an exclusive interview of our business partner in Japan, RIKA Industries Co. Ltd., on 27th March, 2014. The interview is about their success in getting the product approval certifications for our products from Japan Residential Wood Technology Center (HOWTEC). The products included are ZICOLLUM GMT-320 and ZICOLLUM SEALER.

The interview mainly focuses on RIKA’s new investment on their ZICOLLUM™ Coating System factory which is reconstructed from their 5th factory. It costs more than 30 million yen (about 300, 000 USD). There will be Sand Blasting Machine, Dip Spin Machine and Curing Oven. Quality Control Laboratory and Temperature Controlled Storage Room is also set up. Moreover, RIKA also plans to expand their mass production line in the middle of 2014 to meet the market demands.

The Business & Technology Daily News was established in 1915. It is now one of the leading daily newspapers in Japan specializes in business and industrial affairs. It covers news and information of different aspects, such as machinery, electronics, environment, technology, etc. Readers are from both manufacturing sector and non-manufacturing sectors.

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