Business Mission to Changchun & Jilin

13-16 July 2009

An exchange delegation to Jilin was organized by HKTDC and Jilin Province to foresee potential business cooperation of HK-Jilin. The delegation representatives consisted of professions from car accessories, mechanical metal, clocks & watches, jewelries, and architectural design sectors. Mutual understandings of these two cities in regards of different economic sectors and industries were exchanged, so as to advance future coalitions as the basis of the delegation.

As a honorable participant, Jilin’s fast growing development in car and accessories manufacturing were deeply impressed. An expectation of extensively engrossing our surface finishing techniques to China would be focused in the near future. After visiting the local shopping malls and the car manufacturing development zone, which proved Jilin to be a potential market. Jilin had a growing demand of decorative, functional, environmental protection needs to be applied in manufacturing sectors, which matched Winstar’s ideology in product development and research paths, thus we look forward to further develop our business in Jilin and other parts of China.

Winstar has been involved in surface coating sector with reputation, we are ready to put forth our techniques and products extensively globally. After the exchange conference, a closer HK-Jilin is a win-win business situation that would boost our economy. Winstar is all equipped to take part in it.

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